March 17, 2020 Blog, News 2 Comments

ACRES founders spelled out, in a detailed half-page statement, how our mission would be achieved. Today, with 60 years of history, the ACRES mission statement has been refreshed to clarify the essentials of our original mission.

ACRES Land Trust owns and protects natural and working lands, inspiring people to value, appreciate, and support these places, for the benefit of all—today and forever.

Words matter. A few worth pondering:

“Owns” tells how we protect land. ACRES holds the deed to ensure permanent protection. We will never sell or transfer land we promise to protect.

“Working lands” clarifies that, in addition to natural places, ACRES protects land such as farmland and timber stands. (“Working lands” is not widely understood; your help getting the word out will make a difference.)

“For the benefit of all” sums up why we protect land and why protecting land works. Vital natural places are critical to the wellbeing of all communities: the lives of humans, plants, and animals are linked. Diverse motivations for protecting natural places and working lands come together, achieving more than we can measure.

“Today” is an essential prompt to take action. Without your participation right now, natural places existing today have little chance to thrive forever.

Photo by Janet Canino