ACRES tells stories of our local land and of the people who love it and help protect it.

Check out a variety of ACRES publications below.

The ACRES Quarterly

Every season members receive the ACRES Quarterly in their mailbox.

Featuring beautiful high-resolution photos from the preserve, the Quarterly tells the tale of land preservation, with stories on new acquisitions, the motivations of land donors, how ACRES manages the land, and stories from the land about what’s blooming and what to expect in the preserves.

This twenty-page publication is a useful way to thank, inform and continue to inspire the ACRES members who protect these lands. Not a member? Join here!

You can pick up a copy of a condensed version of the Quarterly in libraries and local shops throughout the region. 

ACRES Preserve Guide (2013)

ACRES Preserve Guide showcases all public preserves open for hiking. The guide contains trail system maps, preserve addresses and beautiful images. 

You can purchase the guide online, at the ACRES office or from local retailers:

Fort Wayne Area: The ACRES Office, Wild Birds Unlimited, Hyde Brothers Book Store, and The Bird Seedery.

Surrounding areas: Maplewood Nature Center, Kosciusko and Wabash County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Pokagon State Park Nature Center, Wabash County Historical Museum, Limberlost State Historic Site, and Salamonie Reservoir Nature Center.

All open preserves and trail maps are also available online!

Conservation Today

James M. (Jim) Barrett III read his “Conservation Today” paper to the Quest Club of Fort Wayne in April 1964, four years after he co-founded ACRES Land Trust, and two years before he wrote the Indiana Nature Preserves Act.

“From our understanding of nature and our love and respect for it will grow an ethical basis for our defining our proper relationship to it.”

This mind-opening paper tells the compelling story of how people, plants and creatures sustain life on earth.

ACRES has reprinted this paper to celebrate our 60-year anniversary. You can read this paper online, for free, with the link below. If you are interested in a printed copy, please call ACRES at 260-637-2273 or email [email protected]

Cedar Creek Booklet

Discover the Cedar Creek Corridor, a narrative carved by glaciers, written by local author Ryan Schnurr and commissioned by ACRES Land Trust. With this story, ACRES invites you to envision a healthy future for our region’s vital natural places—and to see your role in making this happen.

This story is about this place and some of the people who help protect it. More than this incredible story, it’s about taking responsibility for our appreciation for the life our land sustains. The protection of the Cedar Creek Corridor demonstrates what’s possible when people who love a place come together over time, to keep it safe, acre by acre.

Purchase this booklet for $5 online or in the ACRES Office.

ACRES Land Trust’s Fiscal Year

2018-2019 Annual Report (PDF)

ACRES Land Trust’s Strategic Plan

2020-2024 Strategic Plan (PDF)


2018-2019 IRS 990 (PDF)

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