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Sunday, December 04, 2016
State Dedicated Nature Preserve - Division of Nature Preserves, Indiana-DNR
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Anna Brand Hammer Nature Preserve





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Art Hammer gifted 20 acres of mostly woods in 1982 and an adjoining 20 acre field in 2004. It has a .75 mile loop trail.

The original wooded 20 acres have been dedicated through IDNR's Division of Nature Preserves.

A forested oasis in the midst of fields, the mixed hardwood stand has red and white oak, hickory, cherry, beech and maple trees. A small intermittent stream winds through the woods and provides a home for salamanders. The spring wildflower display is unexcelled with blood root, squirrel corn, wild phlox and Dutchman's breeches. Six acres of the farmland is being reforested.

Visitors taking the trail counterclockwise may be startled to see a big gnarled face looking back at them as they cross the long bridge. (As in the picture to the right.)

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