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Sunday, December 04, 2016
State Dedicated Nature Preserve - Division of Nature Preserves, Indiana-DNR
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Lonidaw Nature Preserve








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Isaac and Nora Lawson gifted these 25 acres in 1979. It has a loop trail of over a mile in length.

All 25 acres have been dedicated through IDNR's Division of Nature Preserves.

In Indian lore, Potawatomi Chief Simon Pokagon and his wife, Lonidaw, built their home near a legendary crystal clear lake in northern Indiana. Lonidaw is said to mean "Spirit Queen of the Woods" and is a fitting name for the preserve. Stately beech and maple trees grow on the upland ridges with a rich wildflower display, including wild columbine and celandine poppy. The reserve protects three-fourths fo a five acre, kettle-hole lake called Little Whitford. Growing in the low ground near the lake is skunk cabbage and marsh marigolds, with a mature woods of sugar maple, red elm, walnut and hackberry. One of the largest hackberry, or "Witch's broom," trees in the state grows in Lonidaw.

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